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Handstand Workshop   -   90 minutes
This is an offering for all inversion levels- with no experience needed. 
We will explore progressions of entries, balance, alignment and form. This session is aimed at equipping you with a range of exercises and information for you to continue your own upside down explorations.


Flexibility Workshop   -   90 minutes

Mim has a passion for working with bodies, understanding what limits them, and assisting in opening up new possibilities.

This session is suitable for all levels, and will consist of full body stretching and conditioning aimed at increasing your range of motion for legs, hips, back and shoulders. We will explore a variety of flexibility techniques designed specifically for pole dancers and aerialists. 

Advanced Aerial Workshop   -    90 minutes

The aim of this workship is to give participants pathways and exercises to work towards their unique aerial goals. We will explore a range of strength, flexibility and dynamic aerial moves and techniques. This session will be catered to the participants individual bodies and their goals.

Acro Workshop   -    90 minutes

This workshop is hosted by MiM & MulletMan. Acro is all about connection and play. We will explore a range of acrobatic moves while getting to know one another through flailing, falling and our shared accomplishments. 

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